KHE Custom Homes are Designed for Island Weather.

Congratulations. You've decided to build a custom home on Long Beach Island. It's amazingly gratifying. You've got the land and the architect and now you need to choose a builder.

Choose one who knows how to build for this island's extreme weather conditions. If not, your house will not last. Yes, LBI is known for its brilliant summers but did you know that rainstorms here can pound your home sideways and even up under the siding? On this island, severe winter wind chills have cracked pipes at the piling level even when the water is turned off. There are microbursts of wind that can make a stainless steel grill hop across a deck. What about corrosive salt effects on nails and various metals used in construction?

Building a custom home is a big job. A serious job. Whether you're building on a beachfront lot, a narrow lagoon, a deepwater bay compound with a pool and bulkhead, or your family's existing parcel of land, you can put your mind at ease by hiring KHE Construction Corporation. With 30 years under our belts and the last 14 spent building here, we know what's entailed and we've got it down to a science.

To feel confident, your builder should answer 'yes' to each question below:

  • Will the master builder be on the worksite every available day?
  • Does my builder understand complex architectural plans and have a portfolio of exceptional homes to demonstrate his work?
  • Will my builder join me at stores and quarries to make critical decisions in materials, lighting and masonry?
  • Will he take care of all of the paperwork?

KHE Construction Corporation says yes to every question above. We're all about the end result. And we'll be here if you need us... building other one-of-a-kind homes, long after your home is ready for your family.