KHE Construction Corporation provides a complete home building experience for homeowners seeking new construction or renovations on LBI. We are recognized for our technical expertise and building practices. Our qualified staff and crews have dedicated the last 15 years to building exclusively on Long Beach Island, and we strive for outstanding results. This time-tested group functions as a team which increases the quality of work at every phase of construction. Homes of distinction, built correctly, are our trademark. We can build one for you.

KHE Construction Corp. knows the towns of LBI and their unique building codes and requirements:

These codes are necessary because this island experiences intense weather, different from that of the mainland. KHE homes are built to stand strong through wind-driven rain, nor'Easters, blistering sunshine and hurricane force winds. KHE homes are consistently built to equal or exceed town codes. This practice makes our homes as quiet and energy efficient as possible.

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Building a new beach house from scratch is a large commitment. Being efficient is not only good for our clients but good for the greater LBI community as well. There are many homes on Long Beach Island, and it is fragile. Understanding your architectural plans and matching them to your unique lot is our forte. We know what materials will last and how to protect your home from the elements. Our hands-on, personalized approach will help you to understand the building process, what's important, and to appreciate a job well done. Call us today for a no obligation, quick tour through one of our recent projects.


In the construction business, trust must be earned. You need to feel confident that your builder has the knowledge to create a beautiful home that lasts. With 30 years of building experience, enhanced by four years as an architectural draftsman, KHE Construction Corporation provides each client with the peace of mind they deserve.

We know the towns of LBI from Barnegat Light to Beach Haven. We know the codes and how to build your home quickly and efficiently. This master builder strives to foresee potential problems before they occur. Using an experienced craftsman will save you time, money, and prevent unnecessary stress. We offer our clients the following services:


Whether your home is a beachfront, a lagoon front, a bayfront or not, your town has requirements that must be met. Our team at KHE Construction has long-term working relationships with local officials. They are our partners. We honor their codes and adhere to any updates or changes that inevitably occur.


Our job, our passion is to fit your architectural plans to the lot that you own. It's like a wonderfully detailed puzzle. Each piece must fit perfectly. KHE Construction Corporation has seen it all over the last 30 years. We have solutions and options for you to ponder. Also, we keep up with new practices, new materials, and the latest trends in architectural design to enhance your enjoyment and the efficiency of your new home.


As a homeowner, you know how much work it is to keep up an existing home. Add to that; your job, your children, and anxiety can take hold of you. This builder manages all aspects of building your custom home project. He sees it as one synchronized package. He goes with you to the lighting and tile stores to put you at ease. He'll meet with your Interior and Landscape Designers to coordinate and plan correctly. He anticipates problems before they occur, which in turn, will keep your stress at bay.