How does KHE build safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

At KHE, prevention is our number one goal. Our work schedules and practices have been updated to meet or exceed NJ state rules. This ensures the safety of our homeowners, our workers, and subcontractors. Over and above daily awareness of the mandated 6 ft. distancing, we’ve incorporated:

  • Hand Sanitizer located at the project site.
  • Daily locking of portable facilities to prevent random usage.
  • Daily cleaning of equipment & facilities.
  • Mandatory mask and glove usage for employees and subcontractors.
  • Daily assessment of the local news and government requirements.
  • Frequent monitoring of our employees and their families’ health status.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the home building industry on Long Beach Island, New Jersey?

After an initial dip in the number of inquiries about new homes at the onslaught of Covid-19, the home building industry has become robust again. It is currently at about 60% of what it was directly before COVID-19 struck our area. And, we are optimistic about the future. With the advent of many people working from home, the creation of workspaces within homes have become more important than ever. Custom rooms, custom storage solutions, and the square footage to spread out has become vital in our society. It’s inevitable that we can work hard and overcome this pandemic. However, it will take time to adjust to the new realities and restrictions.

Our society will never operate on a daily basis the way we did pre-COVID-19. It’s a brave new world and KHE Construction can assist you by creating well-suited, personally tailored custom living spaces.

How long is it going to take to build my house?

Typically, it takes eight to nine months to build a custom KHE Home on LBI.

When do you start and what is entailed?

Homes can be started at any time during the year. Customers generally want to begin construction in September so that the home is ready in the spring. Before construction can begin however, the lot must be chosen and the architectural plans drawn.

How many homes does KHE Construction build in any given year?

KHE builds only enough houses to guarantee that the master builder, Kevin Engelken, can oversee every project each day. The answer is five houses. We are not the biggest builder on Long Beach Island but the quality of our work is among the best.

How much will building my house cost per square foot?

Each project is a custom home experience. While it is true that KHE can work within any budget, the chosen materials have a significant impact on the cost of a new home. There are many levels of exterior and interior finishes. There are different levels of architectural details that dictate or affect construction costs. A home with state-of-the-art systems, a pool or masonry, custom-sized materials such as special doors, millwork or flooring, costs more than one without them. However, carefully chosen extras, valued by the owners and/or recommended by KHE, turn our projects into highly valued homes. Usually homeowners have a short list of what materials they would like to see in their new home. The answer to this question becomes quite clear once those details are discussed.

Why would I choose KHE Construction over other builders on Long Beach Island?

Kevin Engelken is a second generation builder. Before joining his father, he worked as a draftsman at an architectural firm where he was responsible for the design and plans of many new homes. He then joined the family business, came up through the trades and learned every phase of building a custom home correctly. He learned that producing the highest quality work built more than a house; it created solid relationships between father and son, client and builder. His work is his passion and that passion results in fine craftsmanship.

How often will the master builder visit the worksite of my home under construction?

Kevin Engelken will oversee the construction of your new home every day, approving every phase of the work.

How do I proceed if I want KHE Construction to bid on my custom home project?

There are two ways:

  • 1. Ask your architectural firm to include KHE Construction in the bidding process. They most likely already know the quality of work done by this firm.
  • 2. Feel free to contact us directly for an easy, no-obligation discussion about your upcoming project:
    609.713.0221 or info@kheconstruction.com

How many KHE customers come from repeat business, or from referrals from existing or previous customers?

We are very fortunate to work with a number of well-known and established architects here on Long Beach Island. Year round we are asked to bid on architectural plans they design. They already know that we strive to build the most structurally sound and beautiful homes from their plans. Our life’s work is to take your architectural plans and custom fit them to the land of your choice. Any variation to the plans that may provide a more appropriate use of materials or a better outcome, can and will be discussed. An astounding 95% of our previous customers have become longterm friends. Many refer us to their friends when they build. Please ask us for references: info@kheconstruction.com, or read our Reviews.